JetX: imminent take-off, fasten your seatbelts!

The latest from Smartsoft Gaming Studios, JetX™ keeps on winning all the acclaim. The rule is simple, you’ll be at the controls of a plane that takes off and starts flying. The higher it goes, the more money you earn through the multiplier.

The challenge is to collect the winnings before the plane crashes. If you succeed, you win the stake. On the other hand, if you don’t stop in time and the plane explodes, you lose the entire stake. Are you a thrill-seeker? You won’t be disappointed, the adrenaline will be there!

A game with advanced features

Although the rule of the game is very simple, JetX™ has an interesting number of features that will spice up your games. Indeed, the game has three levels: Planet, Galaxy, and Space.

If you manage to pass all three stages, you have a chance to win the jackpot. The minimum bet is C$0.10 and is limited to a maximum of C$250.


When playing JetX™, you will have:

  • Manual and automatic mode;
  • Unlimited multiplier;
  • Mega jackpot entitled “Galaxy Jackpot up to €20,000”;
  • Possibility to program the amount of bets in advance;
  • Auto-Cashout, an option to withdraw your winnings automatically after a game.

A generous welcome bonus

To welcome new players, Smartsoft’s JetX™ has introduced a bonus entitling players to 10 free spins worth C$1 each for any bet of at least C$10.

It doesn’t stop there, as any new player will be refunded the first bet if the jet crashes. This is a great way to test the game without taking any financial risk.

The game is very fast-paced, with potential winnings increasing as the plane flies away. It is therefore tempting to continue playing. Beware, however, that the crash comes without warning!

You have the option of taking a low-risk approach or opting for a high return. The latter involves more risk and is suitable for the more intrepid player.

Are there any winning strategies?

It is always unwise to rely on strategies when it comes to gambling. While some people try to figure out the algorithm of the Jetx game, others will tell you about different strategies. However, some techniques have proven to be effective in generating wins and limiting losses. We share them with you.

The Martingale

The Martingale technique applies to many games, including JetX™. It involves doubling your bet on the next turn if you lose. Once you win, you play again with the original amount.

Let’s take the following example: you bet C$5 which you lose. Your next bet will be C$10, if that one is lost too you will bet C$20 this time which you win this time. You win C$40 and lose C$15, so your winnings are C$25.

This is a winning strategy in the short term, but you should not abuse it. Casinos are generally not very fond of this practice. It is not suitable for punters with a small budget, as they will not be able to afford to increase their bankroll significantly from one game to the next.

Vary the bets – version 1

➡Initial bet with high amount + low multiplier/ Second bet with a low amount and high multiplier.

Since the JetX™ interface offers an additional bet after the first bet, you simply bet a high amount and stop on a relatively low coefficient around x1.3, x1.4. For your second bet, you do the opposite by betting a small amount of money and try to reach the highest possible odds.

This technique ensures that the player has a certain balance to both wins regularly and avoid big losses.

Vary the bets – version 2

➡Initial bet with a high amount + low multiplier / Second bet equal to previous winnings + higher multiplier.

This strategy involves replaying the exact amount of the hypothetical winnings from the first game to the second game. You play by deciding when to stop.

The multiplier is considered medium from x5 and high when it exceeds x10. The higher the multiplier, the riskier the strategy with high potential gains.


JetX™ is an extremely entertaining game; it is perfectly suited for all types of players due to its easy-to-understand rules. It perfectly combines the features of slot machines and prediction games. Have fun and enjoy playing at Casino The Sardine Can!